Rapid UX prototyping to test and communicate UX design

Prototyping is a core element of Fathom’s user experience (UX) practice, but to different people the word “prototype” may suggest different things: an early idea to elicit customer needs, a clickable user flow to test a design’s usability, or a coded proof of concept to work through details of a complex feature. Regardless of these ideas, they have one thing in common: they are all tools for communication. A good prototype can describe a potential feature more richly and efficiently than a written description. And, the need for effective communication on software projects has never been greater than in our current reality of distributed teams and remote user research.

Fathom experience design consultants Kat Jayne and Jeff Harrison recently joined Shawn Dorsey from Qt for an interactive panel discussion about rapid UX prototyping as a means for communicating design to customers, end users, and developers. During the discussion, they answered questions about prototyping methods and approaches, garnering user feedback, and improving communication across a project team.

Missed the session? View a recording. And share in the comments: How are you using prototypes today? What questions do you have about prototyping as a means of communication with software teams?