Mission, Vision, and Valued Behaviors


To partner with our clients and community to create meaningful change.


To be a thriving, flexible organization with a proven reputation for creating meaningful change through our commitment to high quality work and partnerships with our clients, colleagues, and community.

A Great Place to Be (Culture Statement)

Fathom has chosen to invest in making this a Great Place to Be for everyone.

A Great Place to Be is intentionally a higher standard than “a great place to work.” It is a great place because of—not regardless of—the diversity of identities, experiences, and differing perspectives everyone brings to the organization. It recognizes trust, psychological safety, and respect as critical aspects of our shared workplace.

Becoming a Great Place to Be is an ongoing journey. We don’t expect perfection, but we do expect everyone to commit to learning and growing as we find our way.

Valued Behaviors 

While, individually, we all hold personal values, as a company we have chosen to focus on valued behaviors: shared standards to which we hold ourselves and each other accountable. These behaviors describe how we want to engage with each other, our clients, our community, and our work.

Partnership Building relationships. Becoming trusted advisors by listening, understanding, collaborating, challenging assumptions, and jointly taking risks.
Inclusivity Welcoming differences, creating a sense of belonging. Thoughtfully interacting with others to ensure that all feel heard, respected, understood, and valued.
The Greater Good Building a more diverse and equitable environment. Actively and responsibly participating in the positive growth of our company and community.
Curiosity Listening, learning, and demonstrating creative and holistic thinking. Exploring a problem from alternative perspectives. Proactively sharing knowledge and insights.
Collaboration Knowing that we are stronger when we play to our individual strengths and when we work together.
Candor Understanding that trust comes from addressing all issues authentically, openly, with humility, and without defensiveness. Embracing opportunities to give, seek out, and receive feedback without judgment.
Accountability Following through on the things we say we will do for our clients and each other. Delivering on commitments. Recognizing that, while mistakes happen, it’s how we respond to them, learn from them, and move on that matters.
Flexibility Recognizing the benefits that come from adapting as needed. Understanding that flexibility enables us to be versatile, resilient, and responsive to change with our clients and colleagues alike.
Integrity Honoring our clients, the organization, and each other. Adhering to high ethical standards in behavior and business practices. Doing the right thing in all situations.
Continuous Improvement Striving to build on success, to learn, and to grow. Achieving and exceeding the goals we set for ourselves, our clients, and the company.
Humor, Fun, and Joy Remembering to take the work, but not ourselves, too seriously.