Facilitating Strategic Planning & Partnership

Clarifying the Problem to Be Solved:

St. Francis Medical Center was faced with change on every front. Externally, new competition was emerging as they worked internally to evolve a partnership model that brought together four provider entities. Fathom Consulting was engaged to design and facilitate strategic planning sessions with the purpose of building commitment around the partnership strategy, ensuring St. Francis’ ability to achieve the vision and mission of community-based healthcare.

The approach to this complex challenge began by clarifying key questions to establish clear objectives:

  • How can relationships be galvanized amongst Joint Committee Members, board representatives and staff members?
  • How can alignment around partnership values and prioritized initiatives be achieved and made actionable?
  • How is commitment to the strategy realized – ownership, development and implementation?

Designing an Actionable Solution

Fathom Consulting structured and led a series of collaborative sessions that included more than 30 participants representing different parts of the partnership. Reframing of the partnership was predicated on the five strategic pillars. Top priorities and specific initiatives were developed for each pillar, with assigned ownership and measures.

  • Who do we serve? (People & Community)
  • What do we offer? (Services)
  • How do we work? (Infrastructure)
  • Who are we? (Culture)
  • What is our message? (Brand)

Impacting Business Outcomes

  • Clarity of business purpose
  • Aligned leadership team
  • Long-term financial viability