Maximizing Revenue from the “Digital Shelf”

Clarifying the Problem to Be Solved:

General Mills recognized a void in the online food retailing space and saw an opportunity to drive greater revenue from the “digital shelf.” Specifically, they were seeking to define the best online shopper experiences and to help position their brands and retail partners to capitalize on those experiences.

Fathom Consulting (formerly Evantage) was enlisted to help frame and answer a number of important questions:

  • Which shopper (user) experiences will influence purchase behavior?
  • Which features and types of content, delivered during the shopping experience will drive consumer engagement and purchase?
  • What best practices from other online shopping experiences can be applied to online grocery retailing?

Designing an Actionable Solution

Through a collaborative workshop Fathom Consulting and General Mills collaborated to determine the key areas of analysis and the best criteria to evaluate. Fathom Consulting designed a methodology and a priority ranking system that would provide baseline and comparative information back to General Mills and would help build knowledge internally and externally. In total, more than 50 features were examined on desktop and mobile platforms for more than a dozen online retailers.

Impacting Business Outcomes

  • Strengthened General Mills position as a thought leader in the grocery e-commerce space
  • Driving category growth in key online segments
  • Elevated organizational knowledge and understanding of challenges and opportunities in digital grocery marketplace
  • Showcased opportunities for specific improvements in individual and collective shopper/user experiences