Jumpstarting a customer experience initiative

Clarifying the Problem to Be Solved

As part of a new strategic vision, ACT leadership prioritized Customer Experience (CX) as a critical strategic lever to further their mission of “helping people achieve education and workplace success.” ACT recognized that success with CX would demand more cross-functional collaboration and internal alignment than ever before.  The two-person in-house team sought an experienced partner to support their efforts, jumpstart CX across the organization, and “teach them to fish” so ongoing efforts could be owned internally.

Fathom Consulting (formerly Evantage) began by defining critical questions to crystallize objectives and determine a starting point for the CX imperative that would make the biggest impact. How could the organization:

  • Create organizational awareness and consensus around the current state of the customer experience?
  • Understand “outside-in” customer perspectives, identifying the biggest problems to solve?
  • Define the future state customer experience and measures of success?
  • Gain confidence with a common, repeatable approach of common CX tasks, tools and deliverables that were actionable for ACT?
  • Build a compelling and believable case for change?

Designing an Actionable Solution

Focusing on key student and parent audiences, Fathom Consulting led outside-in research efforts to understand the current state journey, define moments of truth, and pinpoint actionable opportunities to improve the experience.  The effort was designed to generate a quick win, build an internal case study, and create “buzz” within the organization

Fathom Consulting also worked with ACT on critical aspects of change management throughout the process, including engaging with a newly established CX Council.  Communication materials, research insights, and key processes were shared across ACT to build a shared understanding of CX frameworks, tools and learning to support the desired cultural transformation process.

Impacting Business Outcomes

  • Increased organizational awareness and consensus around customer experience
  • A defined current state customer experience and areas of opportunity for top audiences
  • Organizational confidence with a common, repeatable CX approach that ACT could own ongoing
  • Early win in organizational transformation effort


Customer Experience Manager


Fathom Consulting (formerly Evantage) has been our partner in building out a better customer experience.  They’ve helped us better understand the customer perspective, provided customer journey mapping, and ultimately customer experience design.  They are collaborative, easy to work with, and willing to teach our internal team as we go.