Designing User Experience for Evolving Form Factors

Clarifying the Problem to Be Solved:

To facilitate a migration to a mobile interface, Medtronic needed to rethink the functionality and user experience of the clinician instrument. However, the mobile approach needed to be one that would not require a significant departure from the current user workflows.

Fathom Consulting (formerly Evantage) began by defining key questions to establish clear objectives:

  • With a smaller screen size and the elimination of a stylus and keyboard, how are appropriate levels of usability maintained during the implant procedure and during follow up?
  • How is optimal usability ensured across a variety of tablet platforms?
  • How is the user experience evolved on the front end, while maintaining the current workflows on the back end?

Designing an Actionable Solution

Fathom Consulting structured and facilitated a series of collaborative workshops that included Medtronic human factors designers, systems engineers, and operations SMEs. The initial sessions focused on aligning objectives and developing a project plan, while subsequent sessions focused on creating initial design concepts. Once the concepts were presented and reviewed by Medtronic’s development team, Fathom Consulting designed wireframes and a concept prototype.

Business Objectives

  • Improved system usability
  • Maintained workflow consistency
  • Increased adoption