Jeff Harrison

Jeff has feet firmly planted in more places than he actually has feet. Comfortable with business, technical, creative, and user audiences, his knack for understanding the goals of each helps him come up with great solutions to sticky problems. Jeff is a whiz at communicating ideas, whether through an interactive prototype, a data visualization, or just a plain old PowerPoint. In addition to his consulting work he trains teams of designers around the country on the use of Axure, a popular UI prototyping tool. Most of his spare time is spent ensuring that his two children turn out unusual.

Greg Lawson

Greg likes connecting the dots. Whether learning about client’s business or understanding user behavior across channels, Greg’s keen observations, and willingness to engage all levels of the organization help create considerate, insightful solutions. Greg also values creating prototypes as a means of communicating and testing design ideas. And he frequently travels the country providing Axure prototyping training to a wide variety of businesses. In his spare time, Greg enjoys being ridiculous to amuse his children.

Eddie Lopez

If a picture paints a thousand words, an interactive picture speaks volumes. Eddie illustrates complex ideas and business requirements as designs with the detail needed to get your organization all speaking the same language: “Customer.” He has worked the spectrum of UI/back-end development, but now focuses on usability testing, research, and his favorite: UI design and prototyping. He’s been all over banking, technology, government/military, and healthcare industries creating and designing web, mobile, and device experiences. When he’s not working, he enjoys traveling and spending as much time as humanly possible with his family.