Ben Vargo

Ben Vargo

Ben loves a meaty project that lets him use all his research tools. (We’re pretty sure his workshop has a pegboard with the painted outlines of contextual inquiry, surveys, focus groups, and the rest of his trusty methods.) As much as he enjoys the data collection, though, it’s always in service to answering important questions: How to position a new offering? Features that will excite customers? What needs to be in place to deliver a superior experience? Ben enjoys working alongside his clients to build a shared perspective and define the way forward. 

PaJai Vang

PaJai Vang

PaJai is a UI/UX designer with an insatiable appetite for understanding new things. Her passion for lifelong learning led her to discover the field of User Experience, which brings together her background in graphic design, her creative spark, and her natural empathetic nature. She holds a UI/ UX certificate from Springboard and a B.A. in Studio Arts Graphic Design from St. Catherine University.

PaJai enjoys stretching her brain to identify patterns, solve problems, and bring together the best route for any project. She is known for producing clear and intentional UI and UX designs across all channels. She is a visionary thinker that enjoys generating ways to have a better product, team, life, and world. In her spare time, PaJai enjoys other creative outlets such as event decorating, beauty, and cooking

Catherine Idema

Catherine works to bring every voice to the table, especially those most often overlooked. Known for her empathetic “mediator” personality, Catherine easily bridges diverse opinions to design creative, user-driven solutions for her clients.

With a background in service design, community co-design, and quantitative data analysis, Catherine brings an extensive toolkit to each research and design challenge. After earning her Master of Science in Public Health from the University of California, she focused her analytical mind on initiatives across the country addressing health and housing affordability, weaving together traditional research and highly-collaborative design thinking methods. At Fathom, she uses this same approach to uncover unexpected opportunities and design solutions with users, not for them.

Friends, family, and her love of the outdoors brought Catherine and her kitten Penelope to Minnesota, where she is continuing her search for America’s best bar nachos.

Robin Carpenter

Remembering our dear friend, colleague, and founder of Evantage Consulting.


We miss you, Robin.


1954 – 2015


Elizabeth Sipple

Elizabeth’s clients describe her as both tenacious and a trusted advisor. Whether digging deep into analysis, or implementing web products and services, Elizabeth revels in solving complex problems. She’s also excels in leading cross functional teams, as her success across so many areas of business shows. She holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. Elizabeth is a fan of camping, fitness, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Julie Pettit

Julie works to make healthcare great. Having worked with countless health care providers, health insurance companies, patients, and technology manufacturers, Julie’s insights improve products and services for her clients time after time. Her clients also appreciate her sharp analytical skills and ease in bringing clarity to confusing concepts. She holds a Masters of Healthcare Administration from the Carlson School of Management. When she’s not working, Julie conquers triathlons and other endurance training events, and will make any excuse to go outdoors on a sunny day.

Mary Hanson

Mary drives employee engagement at Fathom Consulting and plays a key role in forwarding Fathom’s business objectives. Her colleagues appreciate her focus on service, her business savvy, and her ability to build partnerships. Mary holds a BS in Business Management from Cardinal Stritch University and a Professional Human Resources (PHR) certification. Mary stays equally busy outside of work, spending time with family and friends at the cabin, golfing, scrapbooking, and (occasionally) running.

Jeff Harrison

Jeff has feet firmly planted in more places than he actually has feet. Comfortable with business, technical, creative, and user audiences, his knack for understanding the goals of each helps him come up with great solutions to sticky problems. Jeff is a whiz at communicating ideas, whether through an interactive prototype, a data visualization, or just a plain old PowerPoint. In addition to his consulting work he trains teams of designers around the country on the use of Axure, a popular UI prototyping tool. Most of his spare time is spent ensuring that his two children turn out unusual.

Cindy Weathers

With fluency across many areas of accounting, Cindy excels at the maintenance and organization of our company financials. She keeps the office flowing smoothly with her attention to detail and personable attitude. Colleagues describe her as considerate, persistent, and reliable. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota.

A true Finn, Cindy loves all things outdoors, especially winter. Her favorite time away from the office is spent with family, friends, and dogs at the cabin in Wisconsin.

Lynsey Struthers

Lynsey is a self-described, unabashed generalist. Favorites? Nope. She enthusiastically dives into nearly any user experience assignment, and is equally comfortable conducting research and leading strategic UX initiatives as architecting content and designing interactive prototypes. Lynsey’s strengths lie in understanding user goals and needs in the context of critical business issues and constraints, and she brings analytical thinking, empathy, diplomacy, and a sense of humor to every project. Outside of the office, Lynsey is the parent of two misbehaved rescue dogs. She and her husband spend summer weekends in their Airstream trailer at the Minnesota Airstream Park.