Our Commitment to Equity

Fathom believes all people belong and deserve equitable opportunities to succeed. We are committed to advancing policies, practices and a workplace culture that reflects the high value we place on all people, promotes anti-racism, and does not tolerate discrimination. We have integrated this commitment into the firm’s Valued Behaviors that set expectations for how we engage with each other, our clients, our community, and our work. These include:

  • Inclusivity. Welcoming differences, creating a sense of belonging. Thoughtfully interacting with others to ensure that all feel heard, respected, understood, and valued.
  • The Greater good. Building a more diverse and equitable environment. Actively and responsibly participating in the positive growth of our company and community.
  • Integrity. Honoring our clients, the organization, and each other. Adhering to high ethical standards in behavior and business practices. Doing the right thing in all situations.

Fathom expects everyone in the firm to be on the journey toward this commitment by demonstrating these valued behaviors and creating a space where we welcome the diversity of identities, experiences, and differing perspectives everyone brings. We actively support and encourage each other to continue our personal and professional growth and development toward this goal. We are all responsible and will hold ourselves, and each other, accountable to create an environment where all employees, clients and partners of every identity, including but not limited to gender, race, color, sexual orientation, language, national origin, religion, ability status, and age, are embraced, respected and valued.

We approach our work on diversity, equity, and inclusion with humility, courage and optimism, knowing it is an ongoing journey that requires a sustained commitment. When we make mistakes along the way, we will adapt and continue to learn and grow as we find our way. We know this will not always be easy, but it is essential, and we are committed to do the work so we may all experience justice, racial equity, and genuine inclusivity in our lives.