Visualizing Customer-Focused IoT Solutions

How does a company design a product without knowing what the product is, does, or looks like?

This was the challenge a client in the health and safety industry posed to us. This Fortune 500 company wanted to expand their Internet of Things (IoT) offerings to customers, but didn’t know where to begin. We started how we always do: by listening and learning from users.

The Challenge

The company sought to provide its customers with data from connected devices that would improve efficiency and measurement, particularly for consumable product usage. While leaders were eager to embrace connectivity, they didn’t want a technology solution for its own sake: It had to be something customers would pay for and use, and it had to provide useful, actionable data (to both customers and our client).

The Solution

While the client had an abstract idea of what they wanted to accomplish, we asked customers: “What data do you need the most? How frequently do you need to access it? And would you pay a premium?” (Many said they would!)

To make the customer research as effective as possible, we created mock-ups of dashboards to help end-users visualize how they might use the data. These lightweight prototypes included several screens showing possible data points and reporting metrics.

After an iterative research and design process, we prioritized users’ “wish lists” for the client and provided recommendations around a solution that the market would embrace.


  • An authentic and detailed picture of how their customers could benefit from an IoT solution
  • A roadmap of desirable features prioritized by user need and implementation complexity
  • A customer-driven solution that also captures the information the client needs for both product and business planning


Today, the client is in the process of developing their connected solution, and Fathom is eager to see it rolled out to customers in the future.