• Healthcare and Health Technology

    We bring more than 17 years’ experience and industry veterans to serve providers, payers, pharmacy benefit, medical device, members and patients.

Health Technology

Fathom Consulting has worked in the health technology and medical device space for more than 17 years for clients around the globe, from Fortune 500 companies to start ups.  Our areas of practice include research, product design and release, and business operations improvement.

Engagements and services include:

  • Ethnographic research in hospital and clinic settings
  • User experience design for clinician- and patient-centered applications
  • Formative and summative usability testing
  • Data visualization
  • Product development and release
  • FDA documentation
  • Business process improvement, including planning, design and implementation management globally
  • Change management assessment and implementation of process and organizations

Healthcare Systems & Providers

Fathom Consulting consultants enjoy close industry ties with the leading healthcare systems in Minnesota and nationwide. We have successfully delivered results involving strategy development, as well as operational planning and implementation.

Engagements and services include:

  • Patient experience
  • Referring provider experience
  • Provider engagement and cross industry collaboration to drive new initiatives
  • Operational and organizational re-engineering
  • Strategic planning facilitation and implementation planning
  • Service line planning and analysis
  • Care model design planning and implementation/change management
  • Clinical process improvement, including planning, design and implementation management

Payers & Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

Fathom Consulting has worked extensively with health insurers and pharmaceutical benefit managers from Fortune top 20 companies to community health plans. We assist organizations in the areas of consumer engagement, product development, operations improvement, and claims systems migrations.

Engagements and services include:

  • Customer experience assessment and enhancement planning and analysis
  • Website analytics and redesign
  • Assessment of organizational structure and process improvement across health plan and PBM functions (e.g., provider relations, claims, systems configuration, pharmacy, and call center)
  • Implementing CMS and state regulatory guidance into operations and systems
  • Core systems migrations

Organizations and collaborations focused on health care innovation

Fathom Consulting has successfully partnered with startup, emerging, and long established health services organizations supporting innovation and cross industry collaborations.

Engagements and services include:

  • User experience design involving clinicians, employers, and members
  • Project definition and management for care coordination
  • Strategic planning facilitation and implementation planning
  • Initiative planning and implementation and operational/organizational re-engineering
  • Process improvement, including planning, design and implementation management

<h2 class="light" >Optum Health</h2>

Optum Health

VP Shared Services

Fathom Consulting (formerly Evantage) is my chosen partner when I need to drive an important initiative forward because of their ability to handle complexity, deal with ambiguity and navigate our internal politics. Working with them gives me peace of mind because they always deliver.

<h2 class="light" >UCare</h2>


Manager Provider Relations

The Fathom Consulting (formerly Evantage) team always instilled the feeling within our team that they were truly in this effort with us together, 100%, … that they understood the political and operational obstacles facing the team and were ready to deftly help us maneuver through whatever should face us. A true partnership.

<h2 class="light" >Medtronic</h2>


Core Team Lead

Fathom Consulting (formerly Evantage) has been a key partner for many years to help us get accurate customer data and apply those insights into usability of our system design. I know I can always count on them to deliver data-driven decisions and high quality work.

<h2 class="light" >Blue Cross Blue Shield </h2>

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Market Research & Insights Manager

Fathom Consulting (formerly Evantage) really stands out because of the way they partner with us. They give insights culled from best practices based on many years of experience, and most importantly, they give us solutions. Many other firms tell me what my problems are; Fathom Consulting provides ideas on how to solve my problems.

Fathom Consulting is proud to be an active participant in the healthcare industry community.